Tasks for the IFK students / Aufgaben für die IFK

Januar 7, 2014

Dear IFK students,
Now that the holidays are over, of course I have to use this opportunity to get you to write a report on what you did over the last weeks. Here are your tasks:
Write a blog entry about your winter holidays. You can post it as a comment to this entry. (You don’t have to register or give your full name, please just use your first name.) Use the internet to illustrate (=to show pictures) your text. Google image search can help you to find photos.

One of my Christmas presents was a Tetris lamp, which you can arrange like the pieces in a Tetris game. It looks like this: http://gaminggadgets.de/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/tetris_light.jpg

Read the entries posted by the other students.


5 Kommentare

  1. In the break, I went to Paris with my family. We saw the Eiffel Tower, Notra dam, and the Ark d´ Triumph.
    (pictures of Eiffel tower here: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/d/d8/Eiffel_Tower_Day_Sept._2005_%2810%29.jpg)

    We couldn´t go to the top of the Eiffel Tower because it was to windy. When we got back from Paris, we went to many muesums, such as the Wallraf and the Gestapo Prison. Other than Paris, we mostly stayed in Köln. My family is Jewish, so we didn´t really celebrate Christmas. I still got some presents, however. But because our gifts were supposed to arrive from the U.S.A and were running late, so my mom had to improvise a little bit. We ended up with pretty lousy gifts, like a toothbrush, deodorent, a pack of gum, and a comb. These were just temporary gifts while our other ones from America were being shipped. We ended up getting the gifts the day after the end of vacation. I also spent time and went places such as Neumarkt, Heumarkt, the Rhein Center, and the Dom with friends. All in all, it was a very fun vacation, and I had a great time.

  2. I spent my whole vecation in italy it was sooper cool. I spent my vecation with my friends and family. Every day I made a report on an animal. The presents I got were a sled , a realy long book (http://static2.hypable.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/house-of-hades-uk-cover1.jpg) and two realy cool games I was pretty happy.than a few days later I got a realy cool gift a minecraft lego.So to close everything up Ime satisfied of my vacation.

  3. What I did over the break was a whole lot of traveling, Andrew and I went to Paris and 3 museums.(Gestapo Prison, The Ludwig art museum, and Ludwig van Beethoven’s house.) While in Paris we got to climb to the second layer of the Eiffel Tower, but unfortunatly we could not climb to the top due to the weather being to windy. However we did make up for that by going to see the grave of Napoleon Bonaparte in the Hotel of the Invalids. We also didn’t find any luck with getting into the Louvre because the wait was 2 hours and we only had 1 hour until we left for Germany again. The prison was interesting because we could read the inscriptions left behind by the former prisoners. We even got to read the story of the only person who escaped the prison and lived to tell the tale. The Ludwig art museam wasn’t actually that intersting for me, because it was a lot of Jesus imagry, which i can‘ relate to because I am Jewish. Although i did like some of the paintings, all in all it wasn’t that interesting.

  4. For Christmas i was in Köln. I celebrated with my family and other friends from Bulgaria, it was perfect. For New Year we went to the ice skate in MediaPark ..we had a lot of fun there! At 00:00 we threw a lot of fireworks,we drank champagne and we watched the sky.My Christmas present was ticket for Justin Bieber’s Believe Movie and others.

  5. I spend my holidays in Croatia,Pula.I celebrated christmas with my family and friends,it was great. 🙂 For New Year i was with my friends and it was cool, we threw fire crackers and fireworks. I had a lot of fun in Croatia.

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