Film analysis GK11: Stills from your favourite film

April 22, 2009

Dear all,

as promised, here’s the post for you to hand in your pictures.

Remember: no sexual or violent content!!!



12 Kommentare

  1. hello mr wieland 🙂
    can i send my picture as a e-mail?
    i can not post it here because its a picture on my computer and it hasn`t got a link:)
    If you know how i can post it, it would be nice if you tell me.

  2. Klar, kein Problem.

  3. I want to post my picture here, too.
    Because i have no printer at home and i can´t take it to school..
    It is from „Wedding Crashers“.

    Direct link to the picture —> http://img3.imagebanana.com/img/d70tey5/Hochzeitscrasher.jpg

  4. Hey Mr. Wieland

    thats one of my favourite movies:

  5. Hey, Mr. W
    Here is my Link to the picture because i do not have a printer so i won’t be able to print it- of course ^^.
    It is from Pirates of the Carribean.

  6. hello,Mr.Wieland

  7. Hello Mr. Wieland
    Here is my picture! 🙂

  8. Hello Mr. Wieland,

    This is my Favourite Movie Scene.
    It´s from the Movie Titanic.

  9. Hello Mr. Wieland,

    This is a picture of my favorite movie: Bourne Supremacy.

  10. I got it right here:

    „The Matrix“ – Bullet Dodge Scene, also with Greenbox.

    And get Assa…nevermind.

  11. wild boys always shine. ja, mir ist langweilig.

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