„After the First Death“ in 12 sentences

Februar 8, 2009

An meinen GK11 Englisch:

Da ich jetzt wieder Internet habe, wie angekündigt hier der Beitrag für unsere Zusammenfassung des Buches.

Hinterlasst einfach einen Kommentar mit den Sätzen.




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  1. Summary
    The novel „After the first death“ deals with a hijacked bus and a boy called Ben. First you get to know Ben who is the son of a general. He is afraid to see his father after all what happened. Miro and Artkin are two of four hijackers who hijacked a bus with lot of children and the bus driver Kate. The bus stands on an old bridge while the hijacker wait for their requests they gave to the USA. To keep the children quiet the hijacker drug those because of that one of the child died accidently. Miro the youngest of the hijacker should have shot the bus driver which should have been a man to proof that he could be a member of the group. After a long time of waiting one hijacker get shot and because of that another child had to die. That both of them could trust each other (the USA and the hijackers) the USA should bring a stone to the hijackers and now Ben gets in. His father the general told en what he has to know so when Ben talks to the hijackers they get to know about an attack. After that everything goes very fast. Artkin died and Miro could survive he ran away with Kate but later he shot her and drove away with a car and the children were save.

  2. Miro, Artkin and two other hijackers kipnap a bus full of children which is driven by Kate. Artkin, the head of the brotherhood, drugs the children. One kid dies because of the drugs. The hijackers make three demands. One of the demands is the publication of Inner Delta, which is a secret agency. The highest General of Inner Delta is Mark Marchand. He is the father of Ben Marchand. He always wants to make his father proud of him. So when his dad asks him to go to the hijackers and bring them a stone, which shows the hijackers that their initiator is arrested, he says yes. Ben goes into the van of the hijackers to bring them the stone and he is tortured by them. The army attacks the bus and they shoot Artkin and the two other hijackers. Miro can escape with Kate and kills her in a forest.

  3. The novel „After first death“ by Robert Cormier deals with a terror organization, what hijacked a bus full of children.(1)The story takes place on a unused train bridge,where the hijackers wait for the US spokesperson,to negotiate with them.(2)In the story,they are five main characters:Ben,Miro,Artkin,Kate and the General Mark Merchand,Bens father.(3)Miro is the new member in the terrorist organisation and his job was to kill the busdriver Kate.(4)Artkin is the boss of the terrorist organisation and a some father figure for Miro.(5)Marc Merchand the general of Inner Delta is the person who are negotiating with the hijackers to free the kidnaped children.(6)So he asks his son Ben,if he goes with a stone into the bus as an avidence for that that the client of the hijackers was been arrested.(7)Ben goes into the bus,where he was turtured by the hijackers because they want more information about the situation outside the bus.(8)Later on the the situation gets tricky and the army attacks the bus.(9)By the attack Ben is critically injured but he has survived the attack and lies now in coma.(10)Artkin was been shoot by the army.(11)Miro runs away with Kate in a forest where he kills her and flees with a stolen car.(12)In the end the children were been rescued.

  4. The novel „After the first death“ by Robert Cormier deals with a group of hijackers, who are helding children in a schoolbus on a bridge. The protagonists are Kate the bus driver, Ben the son of a general, and the hijacker Miro and his mentor Artkin. Miro is new in the group. His rite of initiation is to kill the bus driver, but in the beginning of their operation is a problem: Kate, a woman drives the bus, so Miro does not kill her. They change their plan and use Kate to look after the children. These children are drugged by Artkin. A child dies by acident and they use the dead body as a form of pressure. After a few hours the hijackers contac the police and tell them their demands. A mediator has to bring them a stone, this mediator is Ben. Although it is a very dangerous work fo him, he is sent by his father. In the end the bus gets freed all hijackers expect for Miro die and Ben gets hurt by a bullet in his chest. Miro flees and takes Kate with him, but in a forrest he shoots her and nobody knows, what he will do next.

  5. The novel „After the first Death“ is about a terror organisation who hijackes a school bus with children. The main protagonists are Miro, Kate and Artkin. Miros job is to kill Kate who is teh bus driver. The hijacke the bus and give the children drugs that they gonna sleep but one child gets to much drugs and died. Now they don’t kill Kate because a dead child is better than a dead bus driver. Now they drive on a unused bridge. In a moment where Miro is out of the bus, Kate start the bus and drive at the end of the bridge but the engine breaks. An other hijacker gets out of the bus and gets shoot by a sniper and the result is that Artkin killed a child. After a while the police sent Ben, the son of a general to the bus to talk with the hijackers. Then the police attacked the hijackers with helicopters and guns. The police save the children and kill Artkin. Miro gets hurt and run with Kate into teh wood, where he shoots her.

  6. After the first Death
    The book „After the first Death“ was written by Robert Cormier and published in 1985.The subject of the book is a dramatic hostage-taking and hijacking and in the context of the story the conflicts between father and son is also important.The leading characters are two terrorists Artkin and Miro.Kate,a young woman,is the busdriver and also abducted.Two more leading characters involved are the american general Marchand and his son Ben.Terrorists under Artkins leadership kidnap a bus with young children and blackmail the American government demanding the stop of a top-secret military project. Miro a very young terrorist has to look out for the children and Kate.Kate fighting for the life of the children and for her own life tries up to establish good relationships to Miro.Ben the son of the general is used as an errand boy,bringing ignorantly fake informations to the terrorists.During the attack of the military Artkin dies and Miro gets injured but he can escape and he kills Kate.Ben dies later believing that he is an traitor.The father breaks under his guilt.

  7. The novel „After the first death“, deals with a terrorist group, hijacking a school bus. The four extremists (from which 2 were called Artkin and Miro) had precise demands. 10 million dollars should be transferred, their fellow imprisoned politicians should be released and the Inner delta (a secret military intelligence installation, organization as the case may be) abolished. In order to eradicate the panic on the bus, the hijackers drugged the children. The bus itself was positioned on an old bridge, surrounded by a military Special Forces team and snipers ready to deploy an astonishing firepower. General Marchend the senior chief of Inner delta and the counter terrorism siege operator, send his son Ben to negotiate with the terrorists and gather intelligence. After merciless torture, Ben was released and a series of firefights and counter-terrorism measures took place, all hell broke loose. During the firefight Ben was hit, but had survived. One terrorist was shot, accordingly (due to their demands) another child was killed. The female bus driver Kate and the youngest hijacker escaped*. As the events proceeded, Miro sadly realized that Kate was using him and tired to manipulate his consciousness in order to persevere and stay alive. His agony made him eliminate Kate, with a bullet in her head.

    *It is mind-blowing, how can 2 young teenagers escape form a counterterrorist siege. They are surrounded by more than a dozen of sniper and Special Forces units. How they escaped I do not know.

  8. @Franz: Du überlegst bestimmt auch bei James Bond Filmen wie realistisch die sind, oder? 😉

  9. The Novel “ After the fisrt death“ deals with a group of terrorists, which is hijacking a schoolbus. The main Characters in the novel are Miro and Ben. Miro is a member of the terrorist group which has Artkin as their leader. Ben is the son of a General who is in Car of Fort Delta. The schoolbus was hijacked using Poison to drug the children. But one of them died accidentally. The Bus was hijacked on a bridge and the busdriver Kate is a very important Hostage. Ben is sent to negotiate with the terrorists. It was him becuase he was seen as an innocent outstanding Person, so there is no risk for the Hijackers. Kate and Miro get to know each other and Miro tells her everything about his past and his terroristic actions. But Kate is using and manipulating him to survive. There was a shootingaction and Ben was hit. Kate and Miro escaped and Miro relaized that Kate played a game with him so she was shot by him.

    * By the way I am still wondering why Miro was sad as he realized that Kate tried to manipulate him, I mean every normal person would try to manipulate a terrorist to survive. Just purposeless.*


  10. James Bond und realistisch? Auf keinen Fall^^

  11. The Novel „After the First Death“ by Robert Cormier is about 2 of 4 members of a terrorist Group, Arktin and his student Miro, whose kidnapped a Schoolbus with childrens inside and the driver Kate.
    They want Kate to drive to the Railway Bridge,
    because, if they get in trouble, they threaten (drohen) to kill the Children.
    They give the Children Candies and Drugs to be quit.
    One of The Children dies, because of Overdose.
    The Terrorist get Contact to Authority and want 10Mio. Dollar, let the 15 Prisoners go and get Infomation about a serious military security Programm of the Americans.
    It isnt easy to handle with the Authority,
    because they arrest one member of their terrorist Grup. Arktin want Evidences.
    The General of the Secret Service has a Proposing, to send his own son Ben as a Messenger.
    Arktin accept and the six years old Ben gets into the hand of terrorists and after every arrangment he is tortured (gefoltert) by the terrorists.
    The Secret Service has started a surprising Attack, where all of the Children comes unhurt free, but the Driver Kate is killed.
    3 of 4 terrorist are killed too, but Miro is hurt and could escape.
    Ben is used by Arktin as a Human Shield and get one shoot into his breast, which let him fall into coma.

  12. Franz, she got a Bullet in her chest, and not her head.

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