GK13 Englisch – King James: King of Scotland

August 28, 2008

Dear all,

as promised, here is the post for you to leave your notes related to „King James: King of Scotland“ in.


Es scheint als hätte WordPress den Beitrag vorher nicht angezeigt. Warum hat mir denn keiner Bescheid gesagt?!? 😉

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  1. also auf englisch nun:
    Yes King James was born in 1566 and grew up in Scotland with his Catholic mother Mary Queen of Scots. He had an special relationship to the Presbyterian Church of Scotland and was a member of this religious comunity.

    idea of monarchy

    In 1597–8, James wrote two works, The Trew Law of Free Monarchies and Basilikon Doron (Royal Gift), in which he established an ideological base for monarchy. In the Trew Law, he sets out the divine right of kings, explaining that for Biblical reasons kings are superior than other men. Therefor the people should love and cherish James much more than before. The document proposes an absolutist theory of monarchy, by which a king may impose new laws by royal prerogative but must also pay heed to tradition and to God. Basilikon Doron a book of instruction for Prince Henry provides a more practical guide to a perfect kingship.

  2. King of Scotland

    James, the son of Mary Queen of Scots and Henry Stuart Duke of Albany, became king of Scotland on 24.July 1567. His mother was forced to leave the country, when he was only one year old. At the age of 12 James started to rule Scotland and just 25 years later he also became James I of England, because Queen Elizabeth died without any children.
    While his period of government he had to deal with problems of religion. James didn’t allow Catholics and Puritans to worship as they pleased and this is why many Catholics and Puritans left England. On 5 November 1605 angry Catholics wanted to kill the king by blowing up the parliament. However the so called Gunpowder Plot failed and the conspirators were arrested and sentenced to death.

  3. Ergänzungen zu Daniels Eintrag:
    – 19 june 1566 – 27 march 1625
    – he was King of Scotland from 24 july 1567 until he
    died (known as James VI)and also King of England
    from 1603 (known as James I)
    – he was the son of Mary, Queen of Scots (catholic),
    also known as Maria Stuart
    – he was brought up in Scotland as a member of the
    Presbyterian Church of Scotland
    – after Queen Elisabeth I. of England died, he
    became King of England, because Elisabeth had no
    children and he was the only entitled heir to the
    throne (his mother and Elisabeth were cousins)

  4. -Born in 1566 as son of Maria Stuart, Queen of Scots, and Henry Stewarts
    -in 1567 Mary had to leave Scotland and James became the new King, but while his minority some regents ruled for him
    -though he was member of the Presbyterian Church, in which no link between God an King exists, James published in 1603 the book „The True Law of Free Monarchies“. In the book he develops the idea of „the divine right of the kings“, which was his deepest conviction
    – James also became King of England, because Queen Elzabeth I. died in 1603 without any children

  5. Ergänzung zu Lui^^ und Marlen:
    – King James was one of Banquo’s descendants to sit on the throne of Scotland
    – the man who forced King James’s mother to leave was called Brothwell
    – he began his education at the age of four
    – he had only male friends, so he began to express his views of male superioty and the absolute monarch
    – he believed that the king should be master of church as well as state
    – he was a Protestant, so many Catholics don’t tolerate him as the King

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