GK13 Englisch – King James: James and Witchcraft

August 28, 2008

Dear all,

as promised, here is the post for you to leave your notes related to “King James: James and Witchcraft“ in.


Alle Beiträge sollten jetzt funktionieren. Wenn es dennoch Probleme geben sollte, bringt bitte Eure Notizen morgen handschriftlich mit.


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  1. Macbeth reflects the way King James came to power. He kept the order and guaranteed peace. In contrast to that, there is chaos, which is represented in Macbeth by the witchcraft.

    In the time of the Renaissance, the belief in witchcraft was widespread. It was seen as an attempt to overthrow the natural order of God. Many „witches“ have been executed. Those innocent people were tortured and killed in a cruel way. People thought that the main-aim of witchcraft was the King. The fair of being executed was very present in the time of Shakespear.

  2. Hier nochmal an der richtigen Stelle – 2nd part of “James and witchcraft”

    – In the time of King James treason always was connected with something supernatural

    – James was very worried about witchcraft, wrote essays against witches, blamed and interrogated them for weather phenomena and tried to make everyone believe like he did à finally he made witchcraft a capital crime

    – So the lines Shakespeare wrote contain some personal hints for James, for example to his biography or out of newspaper articles about his incidents

    – James was very fascinated and absorbed by everything magical

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