Englisch Förderunterricht – Jump London

Juni 1, 2008

Liebe Schüler,

hier ist die BBC-Doku „Jump London“ und die zugehörigen Aufgaben, zur Vorbereitung für nächste Woche.

Wie bei allen GoogleVideo-Clips, lässt sich das Video auch für iPod und PSP herunterladen: zur Seite auf GoogleVideo.

Here are some tasks for you to think about while you watch the documentary.

Remember: take notes but don’t be frustrated if you don’t understand everything. The point of the exercise is to watch out and listen for bits and pieces of information, as well as to grasp the more general statement of the film.


  • What is the history of Parkour, how did it start?
  • What is the philosophy behind parkour?
  • Name as many places used by Foucan for freerunning as possible.
  • What were the difficulties the team faced before they could finally use the famous sights for their parkour runs? What were the reasons?
  • Homework:
    • Write a 100-word summary of the documentary. Take a look at the handout on summary writing if you need help.

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