„I have a dream“ vs. „Tell’em who my people is“ – Black History Month

Februar 29, 2008

Eventuell interessant für diejenigen, die sich im Rahmen der zentralen Abschlussprüfung für die 10 mit der Übungsklausur zu Martin Luther Kings Rede „I have a dream“ befasst haben und ein wenig mehr über Afro-American History erkundigen wollen: Ein Video auf YouTube, das im Rahmen des Black History Month veröffentlicht wurde. Mehr Infos zum BHM gibts hier.

Info:  In the video cartoon versions of Master P and Romeo present their homework assignment on African American heritage to the classroom and viewing audience. Read along with the lyrics in the video and discover the true reason for Black History month.

„I wanted to make this song into a cartoon also so that it can reach kids. It’s entertaining and is a fun way to learn about our heritage,“ said Master P.

Master P also acknowledged the two animators responsible for the cartoon, Olatokunbo „Ola“ Betiku, and Ryan Hutchinson. „Having Ola and Ryan on the team has been great because they’re specialists in graphic art. They have great imaginations.“

Additionally, Master P will be releasing children’s books, coloring books, and other educational resources as part of his Take A Stand initiative. Already, teachers and educators have been contacting him to say they will be using the video in classroom lessons.

On his reasons behind the positive hip-hop video, Master P said, „I changed my life and I want to see our kids be able to grow and prosper. I’m doing this video because it’s the RIGHT thing to do and it’s more important to do what’s right than what others necessarily want you to do or think you should do. This isn’t about money – this is bigger than money. To be honest, I don’t even have an outlet for this video. Black History Month is a special time for us to reflect and acknowledge how far we have come and how far we can still go. It only takes one person to make a difference. Put down the gun, stop the violence, it’s time to educate our youth so they can be better than us. Let the kids grow.“ 


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