Klassenumfrage zur Verwendung und Verbreitung von digitalen Medien

April 4, 2007

Ich habe ja vor einiger Zeit eine Umfrage in unserem Kurs zu digitalen Medien gemacht. Für den Fall, dass es Euch interessiert, ist hier die Auswertung, einfach auf den den Link unten klicken…

  11c (22)
1. Do you possess a mobile phone with a camera?  
yes 18
no 4
2. Do you use the camera to take photos or
record video films?
yes 16
no 6
3. Do you know how to copy photos or films you
have taken with your camera to your computer?
yes 18
no 4
4. Do you have access to the internet (at
yes 22
no 0
4a. If no, would you have the possibility to
work together with a classmate or otherwise get access to the internet?
yes 0
no 0
5. Do you have an e-mail address?  
yes 22
no 0
6. How often do you check your e-mails?  
Fewer than once a day 13
Once a day 7
More than once a day 2
7. Do you know what “YouTube” is?  
yes 22
no 0
8. Have you ever watched videos on YouTube (or
similar services like GoogleVideo, MyVideo, EyeSpot, etc.) before?
yes 21
no 1
9. Have you yourself ever uploaded videos to
YouTube or other internet video pages?
yes 5
no 17
9a. If yes, what kind of videos were they?  
Videos taken with your mobile phone or digital camera 3
Films you recorded or downloaded from the internet 0
Other 2
9b. If no, please tick one of the following phrases that fits
you most
I didn’t know that everyone can upload
videos to YouTube.
I had no reason to upload something 16
I didn’t have the possibility because of
technical reasons (i.e. I don’t have internet etc.)
10. Have you ever had lessons in school that
used YouTube in one way or another (it doesn’t matter which subject)?
yes 7
no 15
11. If yes, did you think it was motivating? If
no, do you think it would be?
yes 22
12. Finally, choose one sentence that best
describes your opinion about digital media (like computers and internet) in
I don’t like all this technical stuff. I’d
rather just use books and paper.
I don’t care much about computers and internet
but I guess they have to be used, even if I don’t really like them.
Computers and internet are important for
our future, at home and in our job. Because of this I think we should use
digital media more often in school.
I think that computers and the internet are not
just important, they can also make school more fun AND at the same time help
us learn something.


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